Safety and security: domain setups & hosting options

We talked to Brent and his team at IT@Work about getting online and operating safely these days.

Brent said "we focus on the technical side of getting online. We can help with things like domain setups, security certificates, hosting, backup and email services – we leave the actual design work to the pros."

We asked them if they had any advice for folk just starting out. Brent's advice was:

"Only concerns, from a hosting/email viewpoint, is that we’ve seen some designers use cheap/off-shore hosting platforms.

If you could, use NZ hosting platforms (we like as, often, companies start with a basic web-site – then find they want back-up, e-commerce and office365 integration. We’ve found it extremely frustrating to get any co-operation from off-shore companies when it comes to aligning office365 and shifting servers etc."

So what is the cost to do all this in New Zealand?

"We charge $49 to register a NZ domain name and that includes free hosting and 20 email addresses for 12 months. $49 to renew each year. Better to stay local and use a reputable NZ company.

Domain names are an asset and you need the weight of NZ law behind you if ownership or access is being restricted.

We have used webdrive for 16+ years and have never had a problem. At $49NZD, this price is comparable to a US domain anyway."

To get serious about tech, domains, hosting and other technical services, talk to the experts at IT@Work. You can contact them here.

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