Marketing in tough times and your brand awareness

The importance of brand awareness

What a crazy world we’re living in right now! Pandemic, social unrest and global uncertainty are we all doomed? With the massive upheaval that Covid-19 is causing globally right now and all the levels of uncertainty that this entails, is marketing something we should be thinking about from a business perspective?

Of course, we need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones – this goes without saying. We also need to look after our fellow human beings through this period. But have you considered how you will look after your business and, specifically, your brand?

It is human nature to consolidate and focus on the core elements of our existence through trying times like family, shelter, food and the essentials for life. We have been doing this for hundreds of years to ensure our survival. All other extraneous elements in our lives are reduced or eliminated to deal with these trying periods and situations.

The same can be said for how we manage these times in relation to our businesses and the brands we have created. They have their own set of requirements to ensure their survival. When we talk about business survival the first thing that comes to owners minds is what can we reduce or eliminate to help us get our business through this stressful period?

Often this process involves a reduction in resources that we use to generate the very products and services we offer to our target markets. It may also involve reducing production or the level of service being offered. It may even mean reducing staffing levels to cope. The common thread here is the reduction in operating costs to keep our companies and brands afloat.

One of the easiest and simplest options for reducing operating costs is to sacrifice our marketing efforts to help keep our businesses alive.
But is reducing or even halting marketing in times of business uncertainty the right approach?

The key element here is what happens to our brand when we stop marketing in the minds of our customers?

Marketing is there to make customers in your target audience aware of who you are and what you can offer them in relation to their individual wants and needs. Marketing also creates and builds relationships with your customers and how they feel about you as a brand and how that aligns with them....

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