Getting your Facebook and Google marketing right

We spoke to Dushan Vukelic, Growth Manager at Lootwinner (based in EPIC) about the best tools and advice that he has found to really put that marketing spend to best use.

His advice was:

1. Set up a Facebook page, you can follow the basic guide here:

2. Add Facebook Pixel (which allows you to monitor how successful your Facebook Ads actually were). See: and

3. For setting up Facebook ads, split testing them and optimising for different goals - there is information already in the basic guide (above) and the pixel tracking (above)

4. For more details and getting really deep into Facebook advertising and not only split testing your creatives, copy and brand...but also landing page then - Instant experience ads - videos on youtube cover this, (but you would need to be well familiar with Facebook at this point) see:

There is also this cheap but comprehensive training course from udemy for $10 will cover more than you will ever need to market like the professionals

5. For Google ads check this this out: its a free video course on google analytics for beginners. The full course outline is here

A lot of good stuff here!

Thanks Dushan!

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