Working together as a community to ensure Facebook boosts your business

Remember the BoostYourTown events hosted by Development West Cooast in 2018? The aim was to support the towns in regional New Zealand and help business communities throughout the country to lift their online presence and performance.

One of the key takeaways was that Facebook’s algorithm recognises which posts are popular and will show them to more people. If not, it stops showing the content to people pretty quickly. So if Coasters work together and actively like each other’s business posts it will ensure they get a wider reach (and decrease the need of having to pay for boosted posts).

Check out (and use) the hashtags #hellocoasters, #nowopen and #WestCoastNZ! Get liking and sharing content from businesses on the West Coast!

'This is about putting towns on the map in a digital sense because Facebook and Instagram are where all the customers are. There are around 3.2 million New Zealanders on Facebook, so you could say everyone is using it,' said Mr Adams.

With many people turning to online shopping, it's important business communities are armed with the tools available such as Facebook and Instagram and know how to use them.

Check out an interview with Steve Adams here

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