A super easy, user friendly solve for contact tracing

The team at Now Open have been busy looking for ways to support West Coast businesses as we all prepare to move into Level 2.

One of the key steps for moving into Level 2 is contact tracing, which is mandatory for hospitality businesses and public venues. It is also recommended for any business. With contact tracing measures in place, businesses can relax physical distancing to 1 metre.

We were stoked to discover a super easy and user friendly solve in Duckin.nz. We had a chat with Aaron Waddington founder of Duckin.nz about his new contact tracing solution.

T: Hi Aaron, so what is duckin.nz?

A: It's a QR code based contact tracing solution. If you have contact tracing requirements (or a desire) Duckin has a solution that only takes 2 minutes and you'll be able to generate QR codes to print. It's simple, it's free & it's 100% secure.

The system works by registering your location, outputting unique QR codes and then putting them at locations for end customers to scan.

It's a free-to use system for everyone. We’ve had a huge takeup in users from schools to professional sports teams.

T: What got you onto this idea?

A: Duckin has been developed during Covid 19 Lockdown Levels 3 and 4. We developed an online ordering system for our favourite cafe to get them making coffee again as soon as Level 3 came into effect. This became a QR code based contact tracing solution.

We've done all the hard work now, and I just want it used. The upside to us is we've picked up a bit of local work and now we'd love for people to use it.

T: Tell us about yourself

A: We're printers and signwriters and software engineers.

If you need help in producing signage, please support your local printers & signwriters. We do have pre-printed sticker packs, signs and other Essentials are available for purchase on our site (when generating QR codes). We do make some money on these products which goes to hosting fees and appreciate any purchase you make.

T: So it’s free to use? Really?

A: Our business model is not 'data collection'. Let's be fair in acknowledging that your data is usually the product with "Free" solutions.

In this case, we're a group of software engineers that work in the Print Industry. By pushing a free solution, it allows the Print Industry to also create work by helping their clients implement these solutions.

T: And the big question is really all about privacy and information security. Tell us about that.

A: We do not share, or sell your details. Security is important to us. All data is transferred over SSL and stored securely on our servers. We use world class hosting facilities and your data is kept private.

We’ve built encryption into the system. The data is encrypted on your phone. We can only share your First Name, Last Name and time of visit. The rest of your encrypted data looks like this…

1543622400, Aaron, W, 85432, OstkgNGafvEYc3Vw1JDkv4PVJ+Lk1HFhSmZgQ2hcjtFF1ZvkoFu+y3fAUd4LN/q6TrR8YSnL81Fidsi6Cr8UIZCUsCpnEB

We’ve built the system, so that the data can only be accessed to meet Ministry of Health contact tracing needs.

T: Tell us more about how it works?

A: We will supply you PDFs to print. As many as you need. Simply produce these and display them in any location required. Direct customers and other visitors to scan your QR code.

When your Customer / Visitor walks in the front door, they're encouraged to scan your QR code with their phone. Easily done by opening the camera or browser on their phone. They fill out required details and checkin. They will get a confirmation screen, which can be checked. On the next visit the phone being used remembers the last session and it's even quicker this time.

T: Tell us about the tech?

A: Our platform is Web Based and requires data to be transmitted to us. There are other methods that don't require sending data, but do require installing an app on your phone. We consider this method to be overly burdensome for the purposes of Contact Tracing and have therefore decided to develop using the Web Based model.

T: Thanks for all that Aaron, and well done for getting your solution up and out so quickly. I think we have a lot in common in terms of our community ethos so we are glad to support Duckin. EPIC Westport has already printed out our QR code and put it up by the front door!

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