A pragmatists guide for right now

We got in touch with Leon Dalziel from Baby-e. Leon is a web designer based in Motukiekie Rocks on the Coast Road.

We asked him what businesses should consider when getting online at this time. Leon said:

"I’m pretty pragmatic about these things – I’m in the same boat as everyone else.

Micro-business, limited income, a small market, and business has taken a hit.

It’s completely dependent on the sector you’re in, and I’d be cautious about a giant digital leap when cashflow is tight. Especially when it may be kind of business as usual in a couple few weeks time. Its a matter of analysing the cost-benefit.

1. Network and talk to others in the same market to see what they’re doing and if it’s measurable and working.

  • Watch Youtube videos and google for ‘how to’ advice.

  • Talk to a professional to see what ideas they might have.

  • Look for a website they can update themselves, but keep a good relationship with a professional that can help out when it goes pear-shaped, or you want to grow functionality and visibility.

2. I step new clients through this at an initial meeting, so we both know what to expect:

  • Building a website can be similar to creating a business plan, so go back to basics – who is your market, competition, what is realistic, etc.

  • Everyone always needs better photos.

3. My tips in the current situation are:

  • Can they get by with a few changes to their current website in the short term.

  • Will a Facebook Page or Google My Business listing be fine for now.

Good stuff Leon. For more about Leon's pragmatic approach to business online check out https://www.baby-e.co.nz/about-me/

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