A picture says a thousand words

When it comes to marketing ‘a picture says a thousand words.’ Never underestimate the power a crisp high resolution photo of your product can have over a potential customer. 

Marketing is all about visual stimulation and although what you say about your product is important too. A good photo will help a customer feel confident in their purchase.

The photos and videos you use for your marketing material should be taken on a high quality camera and be authentic. Thankfully these days the average smartphone is capable of capturing high enough resolution imagery for your website, facebook, instagram or printed material.

1. When photographing your product act like a photographer.

2. Create a backdrop, or at least think about what's going to be in the background of your photo.

3. Think about the cropping, what is the focus of your photo?

4. What are you trying to portray? 

5. Think lighting, nice natural light as opposed to a flash always creates a better image. 

6. Be creative and unique and remember that your only limitation is your imagination.

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